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We log on to your server, inside your station, from our offices.

If your TV station doesn’t have a Research Director, chances are your sales team may be on the street with avails and proposals filled with outdated and inaccurate programming and ratings information, selling thousands of dollars of spots in programs that will not air and using out-of-date, potentially inaccurate audience estimates to guarantee GRP delivery.

In their desire to sell, salespeople might create their own audience estimates with the ever-present temptation of promising high GRP levels to get sales now while creating significant make-good liabilities for the station’s future. Who is writing the size of the checks you have to cash with your future inventory?

I have been serving local TV stations’ audience research needs for more than 25 years.  Experience has proven there are women and men in positions of local revenue responsibility at TV stations who feel there is simply no local solution to this problem.

Until now, it has been nearly impossible to find a full-time RD with substantial Nielsen and TV sales experience at the kind of money most stations can pay, even if you could get a budget for a new full-time position from "corporate".

But now, TV stations using WideOrbit Media Sales can out-source these vital functions to a research industry veteran who works exclusively with TV stations like yours.

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