NBC Access & Infrastructure

NBC Access:

RatingBook.com is authorized to access NBC's secure program scheduling site for each of its client's markets. Contact us for more information.

Our Infrastructure:

For nearly 40 years, we've been using computers for broadcast sales and ratings research purposes, beginning with the Apple ][ in 1978.

We've hand-built every computer and server, administering our own Microsoft network of mission-dedicated machines.  Our offices are secure, monitored 24/7, with redundant broadband services and power, plus remote hard-copy and cloud back-ups.  Our mobile office is fully equipped to do any and all RatingBook.com work from anywhere at short notice.

Remote Access:

In the event our client does not have their own remote access system, RatingBook.com uses the encrypted services of LogMeIn, Inc. for secure remote access to your server.  Please contact us for more information.