Emergency & Short Term Services


  • Your NBC station needs immediate inventory assistance, now!
  • You don't have a Research Director
  • You can't hire a Research Director 
  • You can't sign an annual service agreement with us yet.. 
  •  You can get approval to "expense" an OTO charge
  •  Your IT department can get RatingBook.com access to your server
  •  You can get your station's sales management approval and signature on a simple RatingBook.com work order authorizing our work


  • Get out your MasterCard/Visa/American Express card
  • Call us for a quote for the work you need done
  • Confirm request specifications and make payment in advance
  • We begin work on your server the same day
  • Most work completed same or next business day.
  • Check your email box and get ready to sell.

Family Leave:
Support for existing professional Research Directors during family leave or extended vacation of a month or more is available in bundles of services when arranged more than 30 days in advance.