For NBC Stations, NothingButChange

It'll only cost a little.

Does your Peacock Prime need a Pick-Me-Up? specializes in NBC affiliated stations because their need is much greater than other network affiliates, due to historically fluid primetime and sports programming schedules and content, hence our service name, NothingButChange.

Advertisers spend their money to reach certain target demographics.  Broadcast networks and local stations alike sell advertising based on the expected audience of a given program.  Different programs often have vastly different audience compositions.

In each of the past five years, NBC has averaged  200 different programming changes per year. 

Once NBC changes a prime, special or sports program, all existing proposals & avails are outdated. Spots already sold & booked in traffic using that program must be either be altered before airtime, or ignored and cleaned up later, resulting in make-goods, billing disputes and unhappy advertisers.

In the largest markets, NBC stations have a full-time Research Director who address these changes immediately, thus reducing some of the negative impact of changes upon the high financial value of promised Gross Rating Point delivery.'s NothingButChange service provides NBC stations with inventory and estimate management from our offices in Las Vegas, NV. 

For those stations without professional researchers on-staff, we are here to help.

Of course, there's another company out there who claims to help pallid peacocks perk up...