NBC Audience Estimates / Selling Books

We've been creating audience estimates for NBC TV stations in four time zones and all Nielsen methodologies since 1998.  

Using multi-PAV blending, considering time period competition and guided by the historical performance of NBC programming in local markets all over America, we custom design audience estimates for each item in your sales inventory.

As soon as NBC announces something new, clients have confidence they will find reliable audience estimates available for sale in their avails.

Sample Estimates

         Quarterly Estimates for all local Daily/Weekly programming:

NBC Prime Estimates by Quarter:

NBC Specials & OTO Estimates: 

NBC Sports & Sports Specials Estimates:

Detailed Master Planners:

Master planners like this are saved as PDF files on station servers as well as "Saved As" Avails within MediaOffice/WideOrbit Sales' Public Files area for use As Template by your sales team.  
 We've done the heavy lifting for them.